Tree Stump Removal Adelaide

Need Stump Removal In Adelaide?

You take pride in your home, and that’s especially true of your garden. You want to make the most of your outdoor space. For most of us, this means a smooth, flat lawn, flourishing flowerbeds and well-tended trees. If you’ve had a tree removed by a budget company, or if you have done it yourself, you may be left with a tree stump somewhere on your property. In a very limited number of scenarios, this could add a rustic charm to your home, particularly if you are trying to recreate a cottage garden look. More likely, it becomes an additional hazard to be negotiated. You may trip over it when walking around at night, you may have to mow around it all summer long or you may just find that is irritating and unsightly.

Tree Stump Removal Adelaide


Tree stump removal or stump grinding is the obvious next step, giving you a permanent solution. Having tree stumps in your lawn either dug out or ground down allows you to have the smooth, clear lawn you are hoping for. Whether you use your lawn for sunbathing, playing footie with the kids or just being able to put the bins out at night, you’ll breathe a sign of relief at not having to avoid the tree stump whenever you’re outside.

If you used to have a tree in your flowerbeds or borders, you will be amazed at the amount of space you suddenly have for stunning plants following tree stump removal. Tree stumps and root systems spread far beyond what can be seen at the surface. Removal allows your beloved begonias the space to bloom and your fabulous fuchsias the chance to flourish. Our horticultural heroes may even be able to offer some of the previous stump as a mulch for your precious perennials to ensure that your darling dahlias are delightfully dramatic. Other plants are also appreciated, but please don’t make us find an alliteration for zamioculcas!

If you’re in need of other services such as Tree trimming, we can also assist you there.

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