Tree Pruning Adelaide

Need Tree Pruning In Adelaide?

Tree pruning is probably the most important part of keeping your tree healthy.  Pruning, as opposed to trimming, is the process of removing damaged or diseased parts of a tree in order to keep it in the best possible health.  Although most trees will require some pruning, the specifics of when and how to prune depend on the tree in question.  Some will require dense growth to be thinned to avoid mildew-type diseases whilst others will need minimal pruning as too much can stunt growth and leave the plant vulnerable.  It can also be difficult to identify parts of a tree that are in the early stages of succumbing to disease.  Early action can help to safeguard your plant, however.

Taking care of your tree ensures that it will live a long and healthy life, and tree pruning is part of this. A healthy tree is a safe tree that wont start dropping branches randomly and can more easily fight off any infections or parasites.

Tree Pruning Adelaide


Regular tree-pruning can extend the life of the beautiful trees in your garden, giving you many years of enjoyment through all the seasons.  Knowing that we care about the health of your trees gives you a sense of security, knowing that your tree is strong and secure.  We are happy to schedule regular maintenance, just like you would for your car, or we can come running if you notice signs of disease on your tree.  We may not be allowed sirens and flashing lights, but we’re an emergency service for your trees.

At the end of the day tree pruning is one strategy an Arborist can use to ensure you tree is happy, healthy and kept in order, call us today if you need any advice or guidance.

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