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Do You Need Tree Removal Services In Adelaide?

Even those most fanatical tree enthusiast understands that sometimes you will want to remove a tree from your yard. A dead or diseased tree can pose a risk of infection to its own brothers and sisters, as well as the risk of injury to your family if it rots or falls. Some trees may appear healthy from the outside, showing few signs of the risk they pose. Diseased or rotting trees can fall at a moment’s notice, causing damage to your home, creating chaos if they strike a power line and can lead to serious injuries if they fall on someone. There is even the chance of being sued if someone else is injured as a result of a tree you were responsible for. Periods of high winds can be particularly risky and you may find yourself becoming anxious during storms if you are concerned about one of your trees. Our tree removal service takes that worry away with the tree.

In other cases, a strong, healthy tree may be tragically enthusiastic about your home, growing its roots ever closer to your foundations and driveway. This can cause your driveway and patio to buckle and crack or even damage the structural integrity of your house. In this case, you will need to take urgent action to protect your home.

You may have other reasons for wanting tree removal. You may be enticed by the increased light and space in your gardens, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space all year round. Tree removal can dramatically change the feel of your garden, opening up new spaces and allowing the light to come pouring in. Removing a tree can add a remarkable amount of space to your garden, allowing the creation of whole new garden features.

Tree Removal In Adelaide


Trees can also take a surprising amount of maintenance every year. It is easy to think of trees as pretty much taking care of themselves, as you rarely find yourself watering or weeding your trees. Almost all trees require some degree of upkeep, however. For deciduous trees, this is particularly obvious during the annual ‘raking the leaves up then watching the wind blow them all over the yard again’ party, which can often last a month or more. For evergreens, the needle drop might be less seasonal, but it still requires constant effort to avoid the dangers of turning your feet into a pin cushion if you want to walk barefoot.

No matter what the reason for you wanting a tree removed, it’s important that you get the expert help that you need. Tree removal can be dangerous, with homeowners killed every year trying to remove trees without specialist safety equipment. Our tree removal specialists are experts at protecting you, your family and your property when removing trees. We have all of the hard hats, hard heads and specialist equipment required to ensure that your tree removal is as straightforward as possible. This means that you can sit back and relax, while we do all the hard work.

One aspect of tree removal that many clients had not considered is just how extensive the sections of the tree below ground can be. Trees are tenacious and determined (especially the ones trying to burrow into your patio or house), and it’s important that tree removal is thorough. This ensures that you can make full use of the additional space you suddenly find in your garden as we can also offer Stump Removal and Stump Grinding services. This might be more space on your lawn for sunbathing or a new planting area. No matter what you want to add into your garden, our thorough service will ensure that your old tree doesn’t fight back.

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